Sonnet 877

“A Hint Of Disorder”

No matter the practised cunning her outfit she selects

Tall lace-up boots and a Yoko Ono skirt

Her body only wakes what idle colours cannot state

As sleeping moss upon a sapling sweet beauty takes

And then the morning make-up she applies

Simply completes what a breathing mirror belies

And though something in her attire's still adrift

A button out of place or a lock amiss

A hint of disorder is but her beauty's emphasis

And when she quotes for Costco a shopping list:

“Norway cheese, sunflower seeds for jays and quail,

And ice cream for my treat”

I hear someone reciting a sonnet: a Rosalind or a Beatrice

As dancing eyes betray her soliloquy

But when I look at her its for the first time it seems

And when we make love its that way too

By John Edwards

Sonnet 914


Now herons and geese upon the field alight

Blackcaps and blue jays begin the morning feed

And I through the windows try to catch

The stealthy frost in flight

As a fading tide of white

Marches towards the silent tongue of the waking lake

By John Edwards

Sonnet 869

“Frost At Dawn”

Frost at dawn grows to sight

In crawl of slow December light

Grey then silver against the dark

Of cedars still locked in hold of night

Until conquered by low rise of sky

Frost at dawn is slight as mist cold as ice

Then gives way to creations of the day

Who cross its silent gleaming plain

That for a single hour ruled

The writing of the play

By John Edwards