Sonnet 908

“Love And Need”

The difference between love and need

Is a theorem Pythagoras couldn't solve

One indefinable the other too easily satisfied

As the sweet promise of a transient rose

Holds the pollen that will feed

The tongues of bees for treasured honey

An equation than damned Othello's lust

And then Desdemona's faithful fall

So I think its a question better not to solve at all

Because I love you anyway

Beyond all others' want or need

By John Edwards

Sonnet 904

“I Can Hear Centuries”

I can hear centuries in my stove

As the bark and sweet crack of kindling

Release times past held deep inside

From tight grain that once dwarfed Drake

Watching from the heaving deck of his Golden Hinde

Creeping with plumb line along an alien shore

It almost seems heretical to use him so

Like a priest stealing incense from a church's pew

A great cedar that knew droughts and rains and snow

Only to lie upon a bed of moss recumbent now

But I sawed him anyway into human-sized rounds

Before the insects could make of him their store

Black ants and white termites and sometimes

A beetle in gleaming rush herself to procreate

So now I listen to his centuries pass

And in the intervals between his rifling cracks

Try to imagine what to him occurred

While he lived longer than any of us ever will

When he stood defiant against the storm and then the saw

This tree whose death now warms my ageing skin

Before my final fall too, like his, must surely come

By John Edwards

Sonnet 881

“Snowy Day”

White hats on every fencepost row

Cedar branches clothed in winter lace

Silence opaque upon the lake

Blackcaps flutter at first light

While quail orange-tawney on limbs of hazel wait

Wearing snowdust from last night

Like pilgrims who cross through frozen glass my sight

Black clouds in procession begin their slow retreat

From our Island to the Ice Mountains of the East

By John Edwards