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Student / Youth Art Show Submissions

For youth 19 or younger and our Art Splash Program Participants.
Show Dates: May 1 - 22, 2024

Submission Form Deadline: April 15
Art Drop-Off (Intake Day): April 29, 10 AM - 3 PM
Art Pick-Up (Outtake Day)*: May 23, 10 AM - 12  PM

*Please make sure to pickup your work on this day!


Student Show Submission Form

Exhibition Terms and Conditions


Works must arrive at the gallery ready for installation with the title of the artwork and name of the artist marked on the back of each work. Maximum of 2 works per youth. Eligible works are limited to under 36 inches in width, including any frames. The gallery will do their best to display all works submitted to the youth show, but due to space restrictions we may only be able to hang 1 work from the youth.  Installations will be at the discretion of the art hanging committee. The art hanging committee reserves the right to exclude works from the exhibition.


The gallery will provide display labels for you to fill out at the time of intake. If you are submitting works on behalf of a whole class or school, please contact to request display labels in advance so students can complete labels for their works prior to intake day. If you are submitting works for a group of students, you may choose to submit a complete list of works in a spreadsheet, rather than completing one online submission form per youth. To do so, please email the spreadsheet summary of works to Please note, however, that for works to be included in the online gallery, the online submission form must be completed for each individual artist.

Commission and Taxes:

For the Student Art Show, artists will receive 100% of the sales price in the event that their work sells in the show.  For purchasers, PST (7%) will be charged on top of the sales price.

Payment to Artists:

Payment for sales during the youth show to the artist will be available following month. Payouts that are not picked up within 3 months will be considered a donation to the ACLD. If a cheque is picked up but has not been deposited within 6 months, the stale-dated cheque will not be reissued, and the amount will be considered a donation. If you lose your cheque, please contact the ACLD before the 6-month deadline to have it reissued.

Insurance & Liability:

Artists exhibiting their work at the ACLD gallery do so at their own risk. Works are not insured under the ACLD. The ACLD does use a building security system.


Works not picked up prior to the next show will be transported to our offices at 444 Parkhill Terrace for pickup, and the ACLD will not be held responsible for the care of the artwork. 

The ACLD makes every effort to ensure that theft and damages do not occur; however, should any loss or damage occur, the artist/artisan understands and accepts the full risk of loss or damage to articles placed on consignment. Damaged items will be returned to the artisan.

Upload Photo File

When you click Submit it may take a some time for the submission to go through as the system uploads your image file. Please wait and do not click again or leave the page until you get a "Thanks for your submission!" message. 

Thanks for your submission!

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