Call for artwork for the Arts Council of Ladysmith Student Art Show

The Student Art show is a fun and exciting exhibition that is open to all students working in any art form to showcase their work in a gallery setting. For this year’s exhibition, artwork will be shown on our website through our online gallery which will be open for the public to view. This is a great opportunity for emerging artists to:

-have their work shown with a local art gallery

-learn about submitting artwork

-have their artwork for sale

-build their portfolio

-gain confidence as an artist

This is open to all students of the arts. Whether you are taking an art class in school/university, home school art classes, or art classes outside of school in your community.

To Submit:

Students are eligible to submit up to three pieces of their own original work through the following page: You can begin submitting your work any time now, and the deadline is March 30, 2020.

If a student would like to sell their artwork in the student show, they can add a price in the submission form, and they would receive 100% of the profits for any work that they sell. If they do not want their items sold, they can simply put "NFS" (not for sale) in the price cell.

In the membership number cell, they can just put their initials.

Please note: the membership fee has been waived for this exhibition.

If you are an arts educator, parent or student and you would like more information, please contact our education coordinator Shannon:

We have an exciting new art video for you! This one is from our media director Francesca who has started to explore bookbinding as well as creating different styles of book forms. She has paired it with collage elements and using black and white photographs that can easily be printed on a home computer.

In this art video you will be making an accordion book that will have a decorative front and back cover and on the inside will have your photographs that you will collage using paint, watercolor, markers, pens, stamps, stickers etc. You will put your book together using simple techniques, no sewing is required!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think about this art project! Leave us a comment or head over to YouTube and give it a thumbs up.

Materials Needed:

◼Scissors ◼Glue Stick ◼Black & White photocopies of family, friends, pets etc. ◼1 piece of paper (size depends on how big your book will be) ◼Acrylic Paint/Watercolor ◼Paint brush ◼Things to decorate the inside (pens, markers, crayons, stamps, stickers etc) ◼Cardboard box ◼Decorative piece of paper for front and back cover



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