Classes & Workshops

  • Wed., Apr. 21
    Live on Zoom
    In this free, live Zoom event, meet artists at various stages of their academic careers. Learn about applying for and attending art school, building a strong portfolio, and developing connections and experiences to complement arts education and training.
  • Mon., Apr. 26
    On Zoom
    During this workshop, Delie will discuss how to track your growing art inventory, from participating in shows and gallery displays to managing sales and expenses. With the right digital tools, you can get organized while also increasing your digital visibility with a public profile.
  • Wed., Apr. 28
    Live on Zoom
    In this free, live Zoom event, meet artists in various fields who have successfully built a career in the arts. Hear their stories and how they got to where they are today.
  • Thu., May 06
    Ladysmith Temporary Gallery Location
    Explore art materials galore. Learn art principles and new skills by scribbling, scratching and brushing all sorts of designs from around the world. We will make paintings, patterns and even a self portrait!
  • Thu., May 06
    Online Class
    This online class will consist of exercises, warm ups and key approaches to drawing that will help you "see like an artist sees" and express yourself with creative drawing.
  • Mon., May 10
    During this workshop, Delie will discuss some of the different options and the pros and cons for each. She will cover platforms like Etsy, Shopify, Facebook Marketplace, discuss selling from own website, and look at payment processing companies like Square.

Something for Everyone

Choose from a wide range of classes to suit various interests, ages, and experience levels. Learn from experienced and engaging instructors as we create together!

How will classes be taught?
We are there for you during COVID-19 and support you however you are most comfortable learning. Our classes are taught online, where you can participate from home, or in small groups in our studio, following strict safety protocols.

What about art supplies?

Most classes are designed to work with supplies you likely have at home or supplies that can be easily sourced.

Supply items and purchase links are listed in all course descriptions.

Looking for a class but don’t see something that peaks your interest? Send us an email at


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