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Art Magazine Fall 2023: Call For Participation

H-art Question Call for Your Recipes

For our upcoming fall issue of Art Magazine, H-Art Questions invites you to share your favorite fall recipe, an image to accompany it, and a short account of a time when you’ve enjoyed the dish. Let’s make fall cooking fun, collaborative, and delicious!

Not only do you get a chance to include a mouth-watering, time-tested recipe in our collection for online publication, but this is also an opportunity to reminisce about the heartfelt moments, warm memories and people associated with your chosen recipe.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Dig through your tastiest recipes and come up with your favorite one. You do not have to be the creator of this recipe; just include a source if you got it from a book, relative, or website.

STEP 2: Share a few short sentences about why you chose the recipe in terms of what occasion or lovely memory you associate with it.

STEP 3: Include your own high-quality photo or artistic depiction of the finished masterpiece. You must be the creator of the image, or have permission from the person who is, to share it.

Submission Details:

Submit by June 29, 2023: Fall recipe, 3-5 sentence personal account, accompanying image Email to: Email Subject Line: “H-artfelt Recipes”


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