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Explore No Sew Bookbinding & Collage (FREE art video)

We have an exciting new art video for you! This one is from our media director Francesca who has started to explore bookbinding as well as creating different styles of book forms. She has paired it with collage elements and using black and white photographs that can easily be printed on a home computer.

In this art video you will be making an accordion book that will have a decorative front and back cover and on the inside will have your photographs that you will collage using paint, watercolor, markers, pens, stamps, stickers etc. You will put your book together using simple techniques, no sewing is required!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think about this art project! Leave us a comment or head over to YouTube and give it a thumbs up.

Materials Needed:

◼Scissors ◼Glue Stick ◼Black & White photocopies of family, friends, pets etc. ◼1 piece of paper (size depends on how big your book will be) ◼Acrylic Paint/Watercolor ◼Paint brush ◼Things to decorate the inside (pens, markers, crayons, stamps, stickers etc) ◼Cardboard box ◼Decorative piece of paper for front and back cover


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