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Artist Spotlight: Steen Hjort

Steen Hjort has always loved working with his hands. He strives to bring out the beauty in all his projects whether it be restoring an old British motorcycle, an antique car, or more recently working with wood.

He took up wood turning ten years ago when he was slowly losing the ability to walk and do heavy physical 

work. Wood turning gave him an outlet for his creativity. He loves to explore the different designs and forms for the humble wooden bowl. The possibilities seem endless. He feels encouraged and grateful when someone lays out their hard earned cash to buy one of his creations. 

Check out these beautiful pieces created by Steen!

From left to right: Bowl from cherry wood. Shallow bowl was made from the floor timbers that came out of the machine shop, where the original Ladysmith Waterfront gallery is located and currently under construction. This is a copy of a Viking bowl that have been found in bogs all over Scandinavia.

Join us for 20 questions with Steen. Click here!


sandra Hyk

Absolutely beautiful!

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