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Wild Creations: A Feathers & Fur Art Show

This month at the Ladysmith Gallery is all things feathers and fur. A celebration of different creatures along with some imaginative interpretations of this theme, local artists from Vancouver Island and the Gulf Island brought over 50 works of art into the space. All original artwork, this art show features a collection of paintings, glass, fibre, ceramic, mixed media and photography. 'Feathers and Fur' is at the Ladysmith Gallery from April 3 - 17, 2024.

For this art show we could like to introduce you to three local artists who create in different mediums, Katherine Moore (Glass), Cara Leanne (Mixed Media) and Kaitlin West (Ceramic).

Katherine Moore works from her home based, fused glass studio ( aka Strange Bird Studio ) in Nanaimo BC, her passion for working with glass started in 1997. West coast flora and fauna are the main themes in Katherine’s art but just about anything that catches her fancy can, and probably will turn up in her fused glass work, she is an avid amateur photographer and her photos become the inspiration and reference material for the glass art she creates.

"Urban Panther incorporates my love of colour, gardening and cats all in one piece, the black cat is fused glass with flower details draped around the cat, it has been created with powdered glass fired on to sheet glass in layers, similar to building up layers of paint. The fused glass black cat and flowers took 4 or 5 firings to achieve the colour and detail I was looking for. The frame is wood painted with acrylic, the temple style frame adds drama and fun to this piece, and you can’t have a garden without a few butterflies." 

"Love is in the Air is all about the early days of spring and it shows my love of bird watching and observing the interactions between birds themselves, I used a photo I had taken of a pair of crows as a reference to create this piece. The fused glass work is powdered glass fired on to sheet glass, the crow couple is surrounded by early spring blossoms, indicating the start of nesting season, the frame is acrylic painting with the swirls of colour indicating a brisk spring breeze." 

  Check out more work by Katherine Moore:

Cara Leanne creates bright and cheerful paintings. If you look closely, you’ll see hand-painted paper collage featured prominently in much of Cara’s art, adding unique elements of texture and detail. A mixed media artist from the Comox Valley, Cara is inspired by gorgeous flowers, serene seascapes––even quirky chickens!

“All animals have a distinct personality and way of being in the world.  You only have to spend a little bit of time with them to know they are individuals. I imagine the personality of each chicken as I paint, giving each one a name that suits them, like ‘A Charming Hen Named Myrtle.’ "

"Hummingbirds are important symbols or signs to many people. I had this in mind while creating the piece ‘To and Fro,' titled to reflect the distinctive way hummingbirds fly, flitting back and forth, reminding me of their freedom and joy."

Cara shares her process of creating art:

“Collage––and making the collage papers themselves––are important parts of my process. I use many different techniques to create a great variety of patterns, colours and details. Some of the papers are sourced from repurposed old books or sheet music because I love to incorporate bits of printed text or musical notes in my artwork.  Each paper is then torn and added carefully to the painting.”

Follow Cara on Instagram @caraleanneart

Artist Kaitlin West is a multidisciplinary artist from Parksville, BC, who focuses primarily on ceramic sculpture, pottery and illustration. She enjoys making artwork that is narrative and expresses her love of the mystical nature of the west coast. 

"Moon Jar Menagerie" is a ceramic form called a moon jar which is created by joining two separate wheel-thrown halves together to create it's spherical shape. The animal designs were created using a technique called sgraffito, where the black underglaze was scratched away while the pot was in it's leather hard stage. The assembly of west coast critters dance across the curved surface of the vessel to display  a few of our "feathers and fur" friends here on the island. 

Follow Kaitlin on Instagram:

The 'Feathers and Fur' art show runs from April 3 - 17, 2024 at 32 High St. Downtown Ladysmith BC.


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