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The Joy of Painting with Bonnie Schnitter

Our current online exhibition 'Abstract' consists of a wonderful arrangement of artwork that explores shapes, patterns and textures from local Vancouver Island and Gulf Island artists. Bonnie Schnitter from Nanaimo, BC has found her passions for the arts in the form of painting. The two submissions she has entered into this exhibition, 'Reflections' and 'New Beginnings' are acrylic with the latter including felt pen, fit perfectly with this theme.

To view 'Reflections' and other work in our 'Abstract' exhibition please visit:

"New Beginnings is called a neurographic drawing and I turned it into a colorful story of the Herring Run which is on now". 14x11x.75, $267.50

Bonnie was born in Goosebay, Labrador. She was one of five daughters raised in an air force family, which meant many moves while growing up. They lived in Newfoundland, France, Ontario, Manitoba, then back to her parents hometown of Victoria, B.C. where her father retired. Her family travelled extensively while in Europe, visiting castles, museums, and art galleries which may explain her love for travel and creativity.

'City Life', Acrylic on Canvas, Bonnie Schnitter

From a young age Bonnie spent most of her free time drawing and being creative, and in school she would take as many art classes as she could fit in her schedule. After finishing high school, Bonnie moved to London, Ontario, where she lived and worked for 20 years. She met her husband there, had twin daughters, and then decided to move back to B.C. to raise her family in beautiful Nanaimo.

“I love taking photographs and often use my photos as subjects in my paintings. I have used watercolours for over 35 years, but after discovering acrylics I feel I have found my medium of choice. I love both and like to experiment with different styles and ideas.”

Bonnie at the Raintree Gallery in Qualicum Beach, BC

Her paintings have been in the Raintree Gallery in Qualicum Beach, BC and the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery. She has had a few showings in her home, as well as many craft fairs where she loves to sell her smaller paintings and enjoys talking to other artists and visitors.

Bonnie’s favorite topics to paint are ocean themes but she finds much joy painting crows, which allow her to depict some corvid humor.

From left to right: Coastal Beauties; Counting Crows; Undersea Curiosity, Acrylic on Canvas

If you were to ask her what a perfect day would be, she would answer “walking on the beach with my family, taking pictures of crows and putting paint on canvas in my studio. These three things bring me so much joy."

My Piece of Heaven, Acrylic on Canvas, $375.00

"I usually just paint what I feel and go with the flow. I just love to paint."


View the full 'Abstract' exhibition here

Connect with Bonnie and view more of her artwork:

Instagram: @bschnitter19

Bonnie's Portfolio HERE

To purchase artwork: email


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