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Sonnet 877 by John Edwards

Sonnet 877

“A Hint Of Disorder”

No matter the practised cunning her outfit she selects

Tall lace-up boots and a Yoko Ono skirt

Her body only wakes what idle colours cannot state

As sleeping moss upon a sapling sweet beauty takes

And then the morning make-up she applies

Simply completes what a breathing mirror belies

And though something in her attire's still adrift

A button out of place or a lock amiss

A hint of disorder is but her beauty's emphasis

And when she quotes for Costco a shopping list:

“Norway cheese, sunflower seeds for jays and quail,

And ice cream for my treat”

I hear someone reciting a sonnet: a Rosalind or a Beatrice

As dancing eyes betray her soliloquy

But when I look at her its for the first time it seems

And when we make love its that way too

By John Edwards


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