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Feb 5th, 2021 2pm Fine Art Show Livestream Award Ceremony Event

Feb 5th, 2021


We will be posting our livestream event on Feb 5th at 2pm here for you to watch live.

Meet our presenter for the event:

Sheila Norgate

Sheila Norgate does a lot of different things, sometimes at the same time, although not necessarily. She is a painting, writing, performing, TEDx talking, dog-crazy feminist (please don’t mention “post-feminism” to her unless you are referring to putting one in the mail). Norgate makes her home on Gabriola Island where she practices kisses her dog on the lips and being present.

Our opening ceremony will take place on February 5th, 2021 at 2pm. It will be online with Zoom for artists only and for the public live streamed to Facebook and our website. Keep a watch for more information and links on this page. All awards apart from the people's choice will be announced at the time.

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