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Celebrating Traditions Through Art

December is a month where generations of people may travel from far and wide to come together to celebrate the end of the year. Stories are shared, accomplishements and goals are discussed and reflections on the ups and downs of the past year are talked about. Whether it be verbal discussion, written in text or expressed through brushstokes or color on paper or canvas, let us close this chapter to 2023.

This month at the Ladysmith Gallery, our main gallery art show is called 'Traditions' sponsored by Bayview Framing & Art. Running simultaneously is a special small paintings exhibition featuring works 10"x10" and under. The gallery is open Wednesdays to Saturdays, 10 AM - 5 PM until December 23. Located at 32 High St.

View the online version here:

Read the stories about artwork featured in this show by the artists


December, Acrylic on Canvas, 30"x30", $2400

Artist: Susan Haigh

Susan Haigh is a Salt Spring Island artist who feels blessed to have spent a lifetime with close ties to nature. Working with oils or acrylic on canvas, she works to celebrate some of nature's ingenious creations. Mimicking the bold designs of nature, her paintings echo the excitement and relentless energy of all life.

"My ‘December’ painting was intended to be a part of a series culminating in a calendar. A few years ago I started a project to create a series of paintings that brought together the astrological signs, birth stones and flowers that represent  each  month.  After numerous studies of various months, December is the only month I have completed."


Left to right: Oh Come All Ye, Darkroom Lith Print from film negative, Take Your Baby to Kendo, Silver Gelatin Darkroom Print from film negative, 14"x14", $200/each

Artist: Lillian Sly

"I've been involved with photography since my teens, when I took a course as an ‘easy‘ credit. Film and traditional silver gelatin as well as other historic/alternative printing methods are my medium. My oldest camera is a 1928 8x10 view camera (think bellows and a cape over my head) with multiple formats making up my stable of film cameras. I find the slow pace demanded by film and darkroom work meditative. Cameras with no electronics or automatic settings demand attention and an understanding of what happens when light hits film. The physical work in a darkroom - bending over an easel, rocking trays as the image emerges, reaching to turn on the lights is much better for my aging back than editing digital images glued to a chair for hours.

 ‘Oh Come All Ye….’ was taken in Norfolk on one of many trips to England with her British spouse. The centuries-old invitation to enter is implicit in the open doors. A Darkroom Lith Print is a variation on silver gelatin that involves overexposure, underdevelopment and lots of time.

Lillian's career was midwifery. Doing maternity/family photography for her clients added to the joy of their unique relationship. ‘Take your Baby to Kendo’ was shot in her studio as part of a family photo-shoot.


Left to right: Lady Emu, and Lady Raven, Digital Drawing, 10"x10", $150/each

Artist: Kevin Doughty

Born and raised in Victoria, Kevin Doughty relocated with his family to Ladysmith in 2021. Living in a creative community has provided him with inspiration that keeps him focused as he expands his techniques and artistic range.

My commitment to art began at an early age, but deepened and developed through the connections I made in the art and tattoo community in Victoria. Inspired by a creative community environment, pop culture, movies, and graphic novels my pieces often feature iconic characters reimagined in my own style and perspective. 
In early years as an artist I favoured traditional mediums such as painting, sketching, and charcoal allowing me to develop a strong foundation in artistry and composition. However, as technology advanced, I embraced the digital realm and began exploring the possibilities of digital art. This transition allowed me to experiment with new techniques, expand my artistic range, and push the boundaries of my creativity. To see more of my work, check out:

'Lady Raven' and 'Lady Emu' are original artworks each featuring an anthropomorphic bird that holds symbolic meaning. Ravens are often associated with mystery, intelligence, and transformation, while emus are known for their grace, resilience, and connection to the natural world. By anthropomorphizing these birds, Kevin's goal is to add layers of intrigue and whimsy to the work. 


Left to right: A Past Life, and Town Center, Acrylic on Board, 10"x10" , $150/each

Artist: Morgan Bristol

Morgan Bristol grew up in a log cabin in Northern BC . His contribution to the 10 x10 show at the Ladysmith Gallery depicts the rustic lifestyle with wood stoves. A graduate of the Alberta College of Art, Morgan lives and creates in Chemainus B.C. One of the many reasons he creates art is to connect with his past. Morgan enjoys connecting with his Father who was an accomplished painter in the 1940's and to connect with his Mother who was a free thinker with a flair for the arts. In the here and now, his loved one Dawn has an observant eye for his work and if he goes off the rails, she will bring him back to good line and form.


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