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Call For Poetry: Transformation

Call for Poetry on the Theme of TRANSFORMATION

What do personification, stage performers, The Nutcracker, and butterflies have in common? The upcoming fall issue of “Poetry Corner” in Art Magazine is all about transformation.

This is your chance to explore the theme of becoming, living life through a different point of view, trying on a different character, or whatever transformation means to you.

Here are some possible interpretations of this theme to get you started:

  • Transforming your surroundings, your sense of time, your perspective

  • Exploring the point of view of an object, creature, or character

  • Becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be, or coming from a place of imagining, believing and manifesting your dreams

  • Transforming yourself through a state of creative flow, and exploring what comes out of that immersive space

Your own creative interpretation of the theme is welcome. We look forward to showcasing work sparkling with creativity and diversity, and work that invites fresh insight and understanding.

Submission Details:


THEME: Transformation


SUBJECT LINE: Transformative Poetry

LENGTH: 200 words max

Due to space constraints, only a select number of submissions will be published. We will select poems that follow the theme and work count limit, are appropriate for broad audiences, are well-written, and tend towards an uplifting and inspiring tone.


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