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Artist Feature: Cindy Friesen-Ford Ashurst

Cindy has always had an appreciation for nature and a passion for creating art. Her work varies from representational to abstract, moving between the two continuously, experimenting with the best mix of open-endedness and realism. Fluid acrylics provide the freedom to experiment with color and technique, while the brush and palette knife allow for more structure and control. Her process has evolved from attempting to pour the paint in a specific shape or with a specific intent, applying stencils over fluid acrylics to enhance the piece, creating shapes with contact paper to control the flow of acrylic, to painting realistically over poured acrylics.

"Ocean's Alive" was created from two waterfall acrylic ring pours travelling in opposite directions onto a canvas covered in white acrylic paint with a satin enamel additive. A waterfall pour is one in which the canvas is tilted slightly while pouring to encourage the paint to flow downward. Once the paint was manipulated to fill the canvas, the result was a painting that reflected the motion of the ocean.

"Night Waves" resulted from an acrylic pour which combined metallic paint in the cup paint mix. A ring pour is created by adding paints thinned with a pouring medium down the side of the cup layering the different colors. I use drops of a coconut hair serum in the paint mix to create cells. The contrast between light and dark in the completed painting suggested to me the flow of ocean waves at night.

"Waterfall" was created from colorful acrylic paints being poured directly onto the canvas in ribbons. A line of black paint was added along one edge and then swiped down the paint with a wet paper towel. Once heated with a torch, cells appeared. The resulting cells and textures acquired suggested the rainbow-like effect of water cascading down a mountainside to me.

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