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Appreciation of the Masters: Artist Talk with Kathryn Jacobsen

A new exhibition has arrived in our online gallery for the month of March entitled 'Abstract'. Featuring a colorful assortment of artwork in acrylic painting, mixed media collage, printmaking and alcohol ink, our artists explore shapes, patterns and layers.

Final Curtain, Mixed Media, 16 x 20.5, $160.50

Kathryn Jacobsen is a local artist from Vancouver Island. The artwork she submitted to this exhibition included "Final Curtain" which shows a wonderful range of textures and layers that create movement. Her second submission 'Vincent' is an acrylic painting that captures the style of the famous painter while incorporating current issues. Inspired by the masters we asked Kathryn to tell us more about her artwork and her discoveries during COVID 19.


When we moved to Vancouver Island in 2014 I was inspired to paint...sometimes with both hands at the same time! I haven't had any formal art training but have taken a couple of workshops since then.

I joined the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery about 3 years ago. The monthly exhibitions challenge me to paint and show my work. Often it is a struggle to come up with something meaningful but somehow, my muse always comes to the rescue. I like to create a lot of texture in my work, using images gleaned from magazines, collage, paint scrapings and things collected from the recycling bin or my jewellery discards.

vincent-by-kathryn-jacobsen- acrylic-painting
Vincent by Kathryn Jacobsen, Acrylic, $160.50

Last year, when COVID shut everything down and I had more time on my hands I decided to read up on some of the "masters" and was inspired to paint like them. "Vincent " was an attempt to emulate Van Gogh, with a reference to our times of COVID mirroring his struggles with the pathological. He is the perfect example to me of a true artist. He did what he had to do for his soul. No pretensions of making money or being famous.

"Final Curtain" (seen above) is a comment on Degas. The dancers he painted were poor Parisienne girls who were mistreated and preyed upon. The birds in the painting represent a release from oppression.

I did a series of modern day "Mona Lisa's" after being inspired by a photo that a friend had sent, and reading up on Leonardo Da Vinci, Matisse and Cezanne.

From left to right: 'Da Vinci Mona' Acrylic on Canvas, 17"x 22-1/2", $175; 'Cezanne Mona' Acrylic on Hardboard, 10" x 17-1/2" unframed, $80; 'Matisse Mona' Acrylic on Hardboard, 10" x 17-1/2" unframed, $80

"From My Perspective" is another tribute to Leonardo, the scientist, with Michelangelo peering up from the corner of the painting.

From My Perspective, Acrylic, Unframed, $130.00

"Love the One You're with, aka Modigliani Meets Avatar", is a mirror. When you look at the painting you see yourself and are reminded to love yourself.


My goal in sharing my art, is to make you think. I want to touch you on an emotional level. Everyone is an artist and I want to inspire you to share how you see the world and to create for the joy of it

It's been a year since everything shut down. Some places in Canada worse than others, Vancouver Island has been relatively easy and I am so grateful for my life here.

Pictured above: "Love the One you're With", aka Modigliani meets Avatar" series of 2 paintings, each framed, 26-1/2"x 20", acrylic on glass, $250 for the pair


View the full 'Abstract' exhibition HERE

To purchase artwork from Kathryn, please contact her by email at


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