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100 Days of Art with Patt Scrivener AFCA

The annual 100 Day Art Challenge with the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery took place this year from January 1 to April 10, 2021. Joining the private Facebook Group, artists were asked to create a piece of artwork each day, photograph it and share it with the other members. This project was set up to help motivate artists to continue in their art practice but also to provide them with a space to connect, ask questions, give feedback and have fun with others. They could work in any medium and size.

Patt Scrivener is an abstract artist who works with various mediums including encaustic, cold wax and oil. She uses a variety of line, colors and layering in her work. Patt took part in our challenge this year and created a wonderful array of artwork.

In this video, she shares her experiences of doing 100 paintings in 100 days and the benefits that she gained from joining a group like this.

Want to learn more about Patt?


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