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Create your own envelopes!
Art is here! Today let's make your own art envelopes. This super easy art project will have you looking around your house for all the supplies you need.
Guide to: Submitting artwork
Be a part of our next online art exhibition! We are accepting artwork for 'What's on your bucket list'. Check out this great tutorial created by our media director to help you get on your way to exhibiting at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery!
Today Let's Make: Folding Book
Looking for a way to start the week off in a creative mindset?
Grab our FREE template and check out our tutorial video on how to make this easy folding book!
Artist Spotlight: Steen Hjort
Meet artist and volunteer Steen Hjort! Steen is a wood turner on Vancouver Island and also spends his time volunteering at the front desk at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery!
Artist Talk: Dominik Modlinski
A graduate of the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, Dominik Modlinski has travelled the world to explore and paint the rugged and barren lands.

Join us as we talk about his inspirations for his work, his style, how to become a full time artist and how you can start to explore the idea of plein air painting in and around your own neighbourhood.
that capture the majesty of nature.
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