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Ladysmith Gallery Boutique - Small Works Application Instructions

 Ladysmith Gallery invites you to submit your small works of art to our boutique, where we celebrate the beauty of compact yet captivating pieces. We welcome a diverse range of mediums, including sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, and more. Embrace the challenge of showcasing your creativity in limited spaces. We encourage all artists to submit a variety of art pieces, with a wide range of price points, that showcase your artistic signature to ensure that art is accessible to all visitors. Join us in creating an ever-evolving, dynamic boutique that captures the essence of our city and resonates with visitors from around the world. Submit your art to Ladysmith Gallery and become part of our vibrant artistic community.

Applications may take a few weeks to process. Please be patient, we will contact you once your application has been reviewed.

Thank you for your interest in submitting your small artworks for jurying at our gallery. Please carefully read the following instructions on how to submit your artwork. Gallery submissions are reserved for current ACLD members only. If you want to become a member click here. 

Next Deadlines for Applications: July 25, 2023, October 1, 2023, Jan 10, 2024

Next steps and instructions or results will be emailed out within 1-2 weeks from the submission deadline at the latest. 

Ladysmith Gallery Small Works Terms & Conditions 

last updated on October 12, 2023

Ladysmith Gallery 

32 High Street, Ladysmith

Email with any questions. 

Application Process

  • Intake/Outtake: We will be having an intake/outtake for small artworks once every three months by appointment.

  • Applications must be submitted online with the form below. Please submit your small artwork online application with a description of the artwork that explains the art as well as the medium. The submitted pictures will help the gallery decide if
    it will fit into the gallery space. Make sure the pictures are clear and give a good representation of size, material, and art.

  • Applications will be accepted year round but reviewed periodically by a jury committee. All applicants will be contacted with information about the next steps and appointment availability if accepted or that their art will not be brought into the gallery. While the Ladysmith Gallery will try to respond to your submission within one month of your application, it may take longer. If you have not heard anything after one month, please email to inquire about your submission.  

  • Sample Artworks: Artists may be asked to bring in a sample of small artworks before being accepted into the gallery. This does not mean the artwork is accepted. This may happen due to unclear pictures or to help understand a product and how it would fit in the gallery.

  • We would like to be your exclusive vendor within Ladysmith and the surrounding area, but understand this may not work for you. If you sell your work in other galleries or stores in the local area, please let us know in the application form below. We would love to chat with you about maybe starting a exclusive signature line for our gallery?  

The Artwork 

  • Originality: Your artwork must be entirely your own creation, without any direct copying of others' original or printed work. If using photographs as references, they should either be taken by you or provided by an amateur photographer with their clear consent. Stock images can only be used for anatomical study, and they should play a minor role in your overall artwork.

  • Respect for Indigenous Art: Art inspired by cultural motifs or designs can only be submitted by individuals who are part of the represented culture. We honor the rights of Indigenous peoples to own and govern their heritage and art.

  • Reproduction Prints: With the exception of photography, digital works, or art cards, we do not accept reproduction prints of artwork.

  • Source of Creation: Artwork submitted should not be the result of art class or workshop assignments.

  • Availability for Sale: All submitted artworks must be available for purchase.

  • No Scented Products: Due to canvas sensitivity, we cannot accept any scented products.

  • Display Requirements: Artworks should either be freestanding or include an appropriate stand or hanging mechanism.

  • Size Limit: Miniature original art, whether on gallery-wrapped canvas (1.5 inches thick) or framed, should be capable of standing upright without additional support and should not exceed H 6 inches x W 6 inches, including any frames. If your art is not on a canvas, there is no size limit however it may or may not be accepted due to size at the discretion of the Gallery Coordinator. A general guideline is that it must fit onto the shelves in the Ladysmith Gallery Boutique and must leave room for other artists. 

  • Material Standards: We only accept items with artistic aesthetics in our boutique within the Ladysmith Gallery. Items made from unmodified pre-purchased or salvaged materials, which lack significant transformation, will not be accepted.

  • Quantity Notification: Artists will be informed of the allowed quantity of submissions due to space limitations.

Intake and Installation Process

  • The gallery is managed by a combination of staff and volunteers who maintain inventory, promote exhibitions, display work, process sales, and maintain financial records and activities. Exhibitors will respect the decisions made by staff and volunteers. 

  • Appointment Email: You will receive an email with an appointment time before dropping off your artwork. People dropping off without an appointment will not be accepted.

  • Inventory Sheet: Artists need to fill out an inventory sheet and bring it to drop off. This will be sent to you in your application results and is also available below this application form. 

  • Works must arrive at the gallery ready for installation. Please see our resources above for getting work ready for exhibitions.  If it does not fit the gallery ready criteria at drop off time, the artist will be notified and will be asked to take the artwork with them.

  • Labeling: Please label your small artwork with your membership number, name, and price before dropping off.

  • Works are only to be dropped off at the gallery on a scheduled appointment day and time.

Artwork Pickup

  • The artist will be contacted by the gallery coordinator or a volunteer to arrange outtake of work. 

    • If a work is not picked up on the scheduled outtake day, after one week if the artist does not respond to a reminder phone call or email and does not request for an alternate pickup appointment, the work will be put in gallery storage or brough to our ACLD office, and all ACLD responsibility to the artist, as to the contents, number and condition of the items will cease.

    • Any remaining work after a second pick up reminder will become the property of the gallery after 90 days. Costs associated with delivery and pick up are the responsibility of the artisan/artist. 

  • Works will be reviewed every 3 months for necessary outtakes.  

Sales, Commission and Taxes

  • The ACLD will retain a commission on all sales. The commission structure is  30% ACLD /70% Artist.

  • Sales will include any applicable taxes the ACLD is required to remit. Any other taxes will be the responsibility of the artist. 

  • The gallery does not provide exchanges or refunds to customers for the sale of artwork. 

Artist Payment for Sales

  • Payouts for sales are made monthly. Payments to artists are made when accumulated sales reach $50 or more, or by the end of the calendar year. Payout cheques that are not picked up within 3 months will be considered a donation to the ACLD. If a cheque is picked up but has not been deposited within 6 months (stale-dated cheque), it will not be reissued, and the amount will be considered a donation. If you lose your cheque, please contact the ACLD before the 6-month deadline to get it reissued. 

  • Cheques will be available for pickup at the gallery. Alternatively, artists can bring in a void cheque or direct deposit slip to sign up for direct deposit. 

Insurance and Liability

  • Artists exhibiting their work at the ACLD gallery do so at their own risk. While the ACLD does use a building security system, works are not insured under the ACLD. It is strongly advised that artists carry their own insurance.

  • The ACLD gallery makes every effort to ensure that theft and damages do not occur. However, should any loss or damage occur, the artist/artisan understands and accepts the full risk of loss or damage to articles placed on consignment. Damaged items will be returned to the artisan. 

Income Documentation and Requirements

  • The Arts Council of Ladysmith and District is required by the Government to issue T4A slips for all sales payouts to artists if the yearly total is $500 or greater.  Social Insurance Numbers must be provided by artists if a T4A is required to be issued.  

Ladysmith Gallery Boutique Application Form

Please fill out the application form to the best of your ability to apply to show your work at our Ladysmith Gallery Boutique Shows. Applications will be processed at our next committee meeting every 2-3months. If you have any questions please email

By submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated above. 

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Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

The Ladysmith Gallery may take up to one month to respond. Please be patient as we work hard to respond to everyone.

Inventory Form
For approved applications only, Please use the following inventory sheet to list your work. Download the file, fill it and save, then email the saved version to

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