Volunteer Coordinator

Location: ACLD office, some from home possible


Volunteers form the backbone of the ACLD’s activities. To ensure we attract and retain the best volunteers, the ALCD is working on a plan to recruit, and retain volunteers. To implement this plan we need a dedicated coordinator/teamleader to execute and update this plan.


 This position includes but are not limited to the following:

·        Work with the marketing team to recruit volunteers

·        Update volunteer job descriptions as necessary

·        Host a volunteer appreciation event once a year

·        Interview volunteers to ensure the best fit for the positions we have

·        Train volunteers

·        Be the liaison between the board and volunteers

·        Appoint and dismiss volunteers as necessary

·        Make use of a volunteer committee as necessary

·        Schedule volunteers for shifts


To ensure the person in this position will be successful the candidate must love working with people and has the ability to engage volunteers. Excellent interpersonal communication, especially listening skills.  Familiarity with MS Office / Google docs for scheduling and other documentation. Great organizational skills. The ability to create a community of volunteers that will support all the programming of the ACLD. Be committed to the organization. Some post –secondary education necessary.


  • Attending board meetings and retreats.  (once a month, 2 hours and once or twice a year for 1 or 2 days)

  • Volunteer training once per month as necessary, can be done in groups, long time volunteers could assist – a day per month.

  • Communicate with volunteers by phone or email as necessary – 1-2 hours per week

  • Interview volunteers once per month – 1 day per month

  • Volunteer scheduling – a couple of hours once a week

  • Liaison with other board members or volunteer users – 1 hour per month


Training will be provided as needed. A general orientation about the work of the ACLD will be provided.


Employ your skills and experience in a friendly, warm environment to the benefit of our community. Meet artists and art lovers, make new friends and become part of our wonderful community. Work out of our beautiful building filled with art and look out on the stunning marina view.