Would you like to teach a class?

If you are an art or craft instructor we would like to hear from you.  Are you interested in teaching seniors, youth, adults or children?


 The Arts Council of Ladysmith and District (ACLD) is looking for instructors.  If you are an instructor and see yourself working with the ACLD and sharing your art talent, ideas and enthusiasm. You can apply at any time.

Proposal Deadlines  for:     

  • Winter - December, January, February, March - September 2020

  • Spring - April, May, June Deadline - January 15, 2020

  • Summer - July, August Deadline - March 15, 2020

  • Fall - September, October, November, December - Deadline June 15, 2020


Teacher Responsibilities: after your proposal is accepted.:

  • You must be a member of the Arts Council of Ladysmith and District

  • We do NOT RENT the room out.

  • Although The Arts Council will publish the classes available in the  ARTS MAGAZINE & Ladysmith Parks & Rec Guide,  it is also your responsibility to promote your class or workshop. If you require a poster we can create one on request. Your self promotion will also ensure the class success.

  • It is your responsibility to call the Gallery office 250-245-1252, 2 days before your class runs to receive a list of students enrolled to determine if the class is a "go" or it will be cancelled upon your instructions. It is your choice to run a class below expected numbers.

  • There is 30 minutes after the class concludes for clean up and before the next class begins. Please leave the room tidy and change paper on the tables in consideration of the next class. Wash the sink and let us know if there are any problems we need to know about..

  • Billing:  Please present the Arts Council with an invoice once your class has completed. You can be expected to be paid by cheque in 14 days upon receipt of your invoice.

  • Once your class has been accepted you will receive a proof. This is important and your responsibility to read it over carefully and return immediately. This will be done by email.

  • A brief resume is appreciated

  • Those who will be teaching youth, seniors or those of different abilities are required to get a Canadian police information check (CPIC) and a copy will be kept on file in the office..

  • As a self-employed person, the instructor acknowledges total responsibility for reporting income to Canada Revenue Agency.


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Tel: 250-245-1252 

Email: info@ladysmithwaterfrontgallery.com

Mailing Address: PO Box 2370 Ladysmith BC V9G 1B8

Physical Address: 610 Oyster Bay Drive, Ladysmith

Temporary Physical Address: South Davis Road School, 444 Parkhill Terrace, Ladysmith

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