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School Tours Grades 1-12

Your Class is Invited

The Ladysmith Waterfront Art Gallery is pleased to invite your class to take part in our classroom programming .  The Arts Council of Ladysmith & District (LAC) is committed to supporting, promoting, displaying, presenting and developing art in all its forms in the Community of Ladysmith and surrounding area, and we look forward to greater connections to our community by engaging with students of all ages.

Visit the Gallery: 

The LAC displays juried work primarily of Ladysmith and surrounding artists as well as Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands artists.  Students will find a mix of renowned professional artists, skilled amateurs and emerging artists exhibiting here, side by side in twelve thematic shows each year.  On the first Saturday of each month, a new show opens; so whenever your class visits the gallery, the walls and floors will feature new works of art in many different mediums.  In April we feature art from students in our community, university students, and from our classes. 

A gallery visit is a great opportunity for students to see examples of art up-close and in person; students can get inspiration for their own art from the work of local artists.  We encourage students to bring a sketchpad or clipboard to quickly draw those images that capture their attention.

Enjoy a Workshop:

The Ladysmith Waterfront Arts Council is home to a wide variety of skilled artists who work in a number of different mediums, as well as to experienced instructors.  Your students can participate in a workshop designed to ignite their creativity, introduce them to a new media, or further develop their experience and enjoyment of art. participate in a workshop designed to ignite their creativity, introduce them to a new media, or further develop their experience and enjoyment of art. Each student will create his or her own work on canvas using inspiration from works hanging in the galley or their own imagination.

Hours and Location:

The gallery is open to the public from 11 noon to 4pm, Monday through Sundays.  Arrangements can be made to host visiting classes outside of gallery hours. The convenient location of the Ladysmith Waterfront Arts Centre Gallery on 610 Oyster Bay Drive is within walking distance of downtown Ladysmith .

Guidelines for Teachers:

We are delighted that you will be visiting the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery.  The Arts Council of Ladysmith has 350 members and growing.  You will find renowned professional artists, skilled amateurs and emerging artists exhibiting their art in the gallery. Please review the following guidelines before your visit:

Please notify the Waterfront Gallery by first filling out the form under the SCHOOL TOUR heading or by email if there are changes, questions later on.  Teachers are encouraged to tour the shows to become familiar with the content of the show and the facilities.

It is essential to prepare your class for their visit by letting them know the rules of the gallery -

·        please do not touch the art

·        walk slowly and talk softly while in the gallery

·        students stay with accompanying adults

·        follow direction of your volunteer group leader and teacher

·        No photography or cell phones in the Gallery.

·        washrooms are located outside at the end of the walkway.

·        Please bring name tags with each student’s name clearly identified.

The Waterfront Gallery is located on the second floor of the old Machine Shop, therefore if you have students of different abilities please let us know.

Students will be painting on canvas and should wear appropriate clothing.  We cannot be responsible for paint on clothing.

The tour will consist of the Gallery, a working art studio and the classroom and when possible John Marston Studio.

Students are encouraged to bring paper and pencil to sketch quietly in the gallery after viewing all the art.

Early mornings are a perfect time for a tour between 9 am and 11 am.

We require a minimum of 1 adult per 10 students.

Please notify all accompanying adults that we cannot accommodate toddlers on the tours.

Please arrive on time.  The Waterfront Gallery is volunteer based so we don't want Volunteer time being wasted.

Check in at the Gallery first.

The School Program tours are 1 hour in length and the workshops are 1 hours in length.

We regret that bagged lunches cannot be eaten inside the Gallery but there is a picnic area by the Train or if we are experiencing inclement weather lunches can be eaten in the classroom.

Cost is $5.00/student which includes a canvas to take home and the use of paint and brushes in the classroom.

We require two weeks advance notice for cancellations, otherwise the full amount will be charged.

Thank you for your participation in the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery school programs.

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