Sleeping Mermaid Leggings

Sleeping Mermaid Leggings

SKU: TO91.55
Artist Trisha Oldfield Fabric artist2xMed 55,562xLg 57,602xXL 58,59

Work it or just lounge it in these art adorned capris and leggings. With prints that never fade and construction made to last, these leggings will be your go-to from walking the dog to an evening art opening with friends. This fabric can be stretched to the limit and it will bounce back and conform to your body even after multiple wearings.
Made from 88% EcoPoly* and 12% spandex performance wear fabric manufactured in Canada. 
Machine wash cold. Quick (hang) dry. 
Odour resistant. Non pilling. 
Please note, colours may vary from screen to screen.
These leggings fit on the smaller side so order one size up then you normally wear.
*EcoPolyester fibre is considered eco-friendly since it requires significantly less energy and water use during manufacturing (70% less water, 70% less energy and 70% less heat than regular polyester fabric). These leggings are also made on demand which avoids most waste that can happen in mass produce garment manufacturing.

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