Healing Garden by Gisele Rivard

Healing Garden by Gisele Rivard

SKU: FAS2021.693.2

Healing Garden by Gisele Rivard

2 Dimensional-Mixed Media

16" X 20"

The session began with an urge to play with paint, leading me to my art journal. I dipped pages from a vintage book entitled "The Squire's Darling" into trays of watercolours, got into the pastels then realized I needed to find something larger than the art journal & it needed to be canvas. I found myself setting an intention for 'Healing' and made note of it, since setting an intention wasn't at all typical during my process. Ripped bits of the poem pages found their way onto the canvas; I turned the canvas & felt the energy really flowing as the fluid acrylics began to fill the canvas. Feeling a pull to add more paint, I began asking ... "What do you want, help, please show me" that's when I really felt 'flowers' and my hands followed with paint as I was instructed. The sense of Aliveness that streamed through me was magnificent. It was past midnight and I was hungry, it was time to end this session. Quickly into my 2nd session I was very much feeling the essence of flowers and leaves. The flowers seemed to grow bigger as a glow or an aura appeared around them. The knowing that I was in a "Healing Garden" came to me about an hour before the energy subsided & the painting was finished. I later realized I had been given the title. An interesting note, most of this painting was done upside-down. It always amuses me that I never really know which way is up :)

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