ACLD Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

January 13, 2022, 7:44:07 p.m.

Communicable Disease Prevention Plan
Last Updated: December 21, 2021

The ACLD will ensure that their updated communicable disease prevention plan is available and accessible on our website and upon request. This plan will be updated in accordance with the Communicable Disease Prevention Guide and with Province Wide Restrictions, to confirm that current COVID-19 protocols and policies are being followed. These policies include but are not limited to: vaccine passport requirements, work-from-home arrangements, physical distancing, masks, enhanced cleaning and disinfection, and signage.

In accordance with Provincial health regulations, the ACLD will be checking for proof of full vaccination for participants born in 2009 or earlier for all classes, artist talks, and concerts. Vaccine passports are not required for patrons visiting the gallery outside of these organized events.

A communicable disease is an illness caused by an infectious agent or its toxic product that can be transmitted in a workplace from person to person. Examples of communicable diseases that may circulate in a workplace include COVID-19 and seasonal influenza. It is required that staff members, volunteers, instructors, and board member stay at home when they have the following symptoms: fever, dry cough, tiredness, aches and pains, sore throat, headache, loss of smell or taste, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath and loss of speech or movement.

If a staff member, instructor, volunteer or board member is feeling symptomatic, they are to abide by the
following procedure:
1. Notify other staff members of illness and stay at home.
2. Seek medical care if the symptoms persist
3. Access work files remotely and work from home if capable.
4. Arrange video conferencing as needed.
5. Return to work once symptoms have stopped.

The ACLD will provide hand-hygiene facilities and appropriate supplies. Policies and signage will be used to remind workers to wash their hands and to cover coughs and sneezes.

The ACLD will communicate the appropriate practices by having signage available at the front entrance, in each washroom, in the gymnasium, in the office and in the classroom. At the front entrance, a sign-in sheet, hand sanitizer and masks will be available. A designated staff member will ensure each week that supplies are refreshed. Hand sanitizer will also be available in the classroom.

Each week a cleaner thoroughly cleans the entire gallery. Every day that a class is held at
the ACLD, towards the end of the day, a designated staff member will clean high-touch areas in
the classroom and office such as: counters, tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, stair rails, desks, keyboards, phones, faucets, and sinks. When using cleaning products, the designated staff member will follow this procedure:
○ Check the product label to see what PPE (such as gloves, glasses, or goggles) is required based on potential hazards.
○ Ensure adequate ventilation (for example, open windows).
○ Use the amount recommended on the label.
○ If diluting with water is indicated for use, use water at room temperature (unless stated otherwise on the label).
○ Label diluted cleaning or disinfectant solutions.
○ Store and use chemicals out of the reach of children and pets.
○ Do not mix products or chemicals.
○ Do not eat, drink, breathe, or inject cleaning and disinfection products into your
body or apply directly to your skin. They can cause serious harm.
○ Do not wipe or bathe people or pets with any surface cleaning and disinfection

Additional Measures.
To ensure that our community remains healthy, ACLD staff, volunteers, and contractors,
including all art instructors, will continue to wear masks while occupying common areas indoors.
Patrons taking classes or visiting our gallery are required to wear a mask at all times within our facility.

Each day (weather permitting), the art gallery will open their office and classroom windows and operate portable fans in order to ensure well ventilated spaces.

For board and staff members, communication of new measures and policies will be discussed
at each ACLD board meeting, passed on to staff, volunteers, and contractors by email, and
posted on our website.

For questions or concerns about these protocols, contact the president at or 250-245-1252.