Karen Dance

Ceramic Artist

A self-taught artist in a variety of mediums. Karen regularly attends workshops, lectures and conferences. In addition to this, her experience as a student in the Ceramics program at Sheridan College gave her a solid understanding of the techniques and skill needed to move forward as a ceramic/pottery artist. Karen’s one-of-a-kind vessels are hand-formed using a variety of methods, such as pinch, coil and slab work. She also creates her own tools and texturizing mats in order to customize her characters. Thoughtful applications of different glazes and stains are used to render depth and create textures that invite touch and endeavour to captivate the viewer. Each piece is given, through it creation, a “personality” that aims to elicit an emotional response and evoke humor. It is her intention to bring joy to whomever decides to stop by and enjoy her work. Karen is looking forward to sharing these skills with you. Karen continues to work from her Tilted Kilnworks studio in Ladysmith, Vancouver Island BC.



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